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Rebox Therapy is a unique electrotherapeutic method effective in pain management and rehabilitation.


New CE certified Rebox-Physio tDCS for clinical and research applications in neurology, neurorehabilitation and psychiatry. Learn more.

Thousands of patients are treated with Rebox Therapy every day. Learn more.


Sport professionals use Rebox for its immediate analgetic effect. Learn more.

Rebox is easy to handle which makes it suitable for private use. Learn more.



Upcoming clinical trial: The effect of Rebox current in pain management

In September 2023, a clinical trial "The effect of Rebox current in pain management" will start at F.D. Roosevelt University Hospital in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. This post-marketing monocentric double-blind sham controlled crossover study will assess the efficacy of Rebox electrotherapy in the treatment of pain. Totally 72 patients will be treated with both real and sham Rebox device in a crossover design with a 1:1 ratio over a 6-week period. The degree of pain intensity reduction after the real Rebox stimulation will be evaluated in comparison with the sham stimulation. Moreover, differences in multidimensional aspects of pain will be compared between the real and sham stimulation. For more details, see


Cooperation with Biomed Neurotechnologie

We are happy to announce the start of cooperation with Biomed Neurotechnologie. Since 2007, Biomed has been popularizing the latest achievements in the field of neuromodulation, neuropsychology, psychophysiology and pedagogy in Poland.

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