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"Rebox is the most widely used device in our department because daily we treat about 60 outpatients and 40 hospitalized patients."

J. Roubalova, MD
Head of Rehabilitaion Department
University Hospital Brno, CZ


Rebox Therapy is an original electrotherapeutic method. Rebox devices are effective in management of acute and chronic pain and in rehabilitation of various musculoskeletal disorders.

Main effects of Rebox Therapy include:

  • acute and chronic pain relief

  • myorelaxation

  • antiedemic effect

Since 1980s, Rebox has beed used worldwide in clinical practice (rehabilitation and sport medicine, physiotherapy, orthopedics, neurology and pain management). It is also available for personal use

Rebox Therapy is highly effective in comparison with other methods of physical therapy. The Rebox therapeutic method was patented in many countries including Japan and USA.

Typical Applications
TCLA - Rebox Principle

Transcutaneous Correction of Local Acidosis (TCLA)
Any kind of tissue injury is accompanied by local acidosis which is an important trigger for pain perception. Cathode stimulation with specific Rebox high-density microcurrents corrects local acidosis which leads to a rapid reduction of pain and suppression of inflammation.

How Rebox Works

Rebox is a generator of specific DC electric pulses. Rebox microcurrents are introduced into the treated area non-invasively through a patient´s skin with a touch of a small point treatment electrode while the patient holds a second cylindrical electrode to complete electric circuit.

Within several seconds, local acidosis in the target area is corrected, which results in prompt analgetic effect. Concurrently, muscle relaxation and reduction of swelling occur.

Usual application time in one point is 3-5 seconds, totally 20-30 points at a distance of 1-2 cm are treated during a session. Total number of sessions is individual and depends on character and chronicity of the injury.


Acute and chronic pain management

  • back pain

  • post-traumatic and post-operative pain

  • acute and chronic muscle strain

  • lesions of tendons and ligaments (entesopathies)

  • joint pain

  • arthritis uratica

Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system

  • muscle hypertonia and spasms

  • post-traumatic and inflammatory swelling

Acceleration of healing processes

  • soft tissue injuries

  • post-operative wounds


Rebox should NOT be used in following cases:


Local contraindications

  • disruption in continuity of the skin (open wound, skin ulcer etc.)

  • acute inflammation of the skin or subcutaneous tissue

  • deep vein thrombosis (diagnosed or suspected)

General contraindications

  • implanted electrical device (cardiostimulator, ICD, DBS etc.)

  • pregnancy

  • epilepsy

  • malignant tumour (diagnosed or suspected)

  • shock or other severe systemic condition

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Rebox and what are the terms of order, payment and shipping?
For purchase information, please contact us

How much time is needed for Rebox therapy? And how long is the therapeutic effect?
Length and frequency of the treatment procedures depend individually on a patient´s condition. Usually, one session takes about 15-30 minutes. The Rebox effects are usually seen immediately after the application, however, effect size and duration depend on severity and chronicity of the injury.

Is it necessary to be a healthcare professional for purchasing and using Rebox?
No, it is not. Rebox is also available for private users, Learn more. 

Is it possible to combine Rebox Therapy with other therapeutic procedures?
Yes, it is possible. Moreover, in many cases, combination with other therapeutic modalities is recommended for achieving the best possible effect.


Is Rebox safe?
Yes, it is. Rebox devices are produced in accordance with international safety standards, download the certificates here. However, there are some situations, when Rebox Therapy should not be applied. See Contraindications.


I have an old Rebox II model. Do you provide a service for this model?
We do not. The Rebox II is not an official product of our company. See History.


Is it possible to clinically use the Rebox in the United States of America? 
Unfortunately it is not possible. The reason is that the Rebox-Physio does not have FDA, which is a necessary approval for all the medical devices in the U.S. If you are from the U.S. and you are interested in purchasing the Rebox, please contact us.

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