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"Rebox is the most widely used device in our department because daily we treat about 60 outpatients and 40 hospitalized patients."

J. Roubalova, MD
Head of Rehabilitation Department
University Hospital Brno, CZ

Apply Rebox to yourself and your family at home
  • Simple and safe treatment 
    Rebox application is simple and safe if performed correctly. Rebox Therapy is primarily intended for healthcare professionals, however Rebox can also be easily operated by the patients themselves.


  • Certified workshops
    After undergoing an obligatory certified workshop (personally or online via Skype) which is included in the price, non-healthcare users are allowed to apply Rebox for private purposes.

  • Portability 
    Rebox is portable and lightweight. You can easily store and transport the device.

  • Special prices for private users
    We offer individual discounts for private users. For more information, contact us.


NOTE: Rebox-Physio tDCS model is not available for private homecare use. The device is intended for health professionals only.

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