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"Due to fast positive effect usually after a first application, Rebox therapy became popular among the athletes and in many cases they preferred the device instead of manual pressotherapy. Rebox greatly contributed to overall health care for our athletes at the Summer Olympics in Beijing."

R. Valka, MD, MA
Head of Health Care Department
Military Professional Sport
Czech Olympic Team

Get advantage of immediate Rebox effect
  • Professional sport clubs using Rebox
    Czech Olympic Team 
    Czech Republic Football National Team
    AC Sparta Prague (football)
    HC Pilsen (hockey)
    ASC Dukla Prague (athletics)
    Czech Modern Pentathlon Union
    Czech Judo Union
    CEZ Basketball Nymburk (basketball)
    Handball Club Zubri (handball)
    and many more...

  • Over 30 years in professional sport 
    Since 1980s, thousands of atheletes have been treated with Rebox. Rebox Therapy was present on top sport events such as Olympic Games, IAAF Athletics Championships or Ice Hockey World Championships.


  • Immediate analgetic effect
    In acute sport injuries (i.e. spasms, muscle strain or joint distorsions), Rebox has immediate effect that enables faster recovery.


  • Portability
    Rebox is portable and lightweight. It can be easily used directly on a pitch or in a cabin during a contest.


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