"We use Rebox devices in treatment of almost all our patients because of the rapid treatment effect, easy handling and minimum failures. Our therapists treat up to 18.000 patients a year."

J. Vlckova, MD, PhD
Head of Rehabilitation Department
Vitkovice Hospital, CZ

Why to use Rebox in your clinical practice
  • More than 35 years of clinical experience
    Rebox has been used in clinical practice since 1980s. Thousands of clients worldwide are proof of the uniqueness and effectiveness of Rebox Therapy.


  • Immediate analgetic effect
    In majority of cases Rebox has an immediate analgetic and myorelaxation effect. Therefore, patient´s compliance with this method is high.


  • Wide range of indications
    Rebox is effective in various musculoskeletal conditions. See Indications.


  • Reasonable length of sessions
    Usual Rebox sessions take approx. 15-30 minutes which is reasonable time length for you and your patients too. You can treat up to 4 patients in an hour. Therefore, financial return is very quick. 


  • Simple and safe treatment
    Rebox application is simple and safe if performed correctly.


  • Portability
    Rebox is portable and lightweight. You can easily store and transport the device.