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Discover the treatment possibilities of the unique 2in1 device for both tDCS and Rebox Therapy.


New Rebox-Physio tDCS is a 2in1 stimulator for either classic Rebox Therapy (similar to Rebox-Physio 4) or Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). This easy-to-handle and portable device is designed for clinical and research applications in neurology, psychiatry, neurorehabilitation and pain management. 

In tDCS mode, the Rebox generates a constant direct current of intensity up to 3mA. The direct current is delivered to the patient´s scalp through the carbon rubber electrodes (anode and cathode) which are covered in sponge pads soaked with saline solution. The pads are attached to the head in specific desired positions using a certified headstrap. 

The Rebox-Physio tDCS has a CE mark and fulfills all EU safety standards for medical devices (class IIa). The product is manufactured in compliance with ISO 13485:2016. See the Certificates.

A mandatory certified training (personal or online via Skype) is an integral part of the Rebox purchase. To request a quote, please contact us.



Precise control of current intensity
The Rebox-Physio tDCS enables a precise control of delivered current intensity during the stimulation session. In case of patient´s dyscomfort, the current intensity can be immediately lowered without stopping the stimulation. 

Continuous impedance control
A continuous real-time monitoring of skin impedance informs the operator about the contact quality. The auto-stop safety function pauses the stimulation automatically in case of insufficient electrical contact to prevent burning the patient´s skin.


Easy setup of stimulation parameters
The stimulation parameters are fully programmable and can be easily set up on the main panel (current intensity) and in the setup menu (stimulation time, pause time, number of stimulation cycles, ramp time). The selected parameters remain saved in the device after switching the device off.


Real-time display

The selected parameters and time remaining are visible on the display in real time informing the operator about the phase of stimulation procedure.  

Real and Sham modes of stimulation
The device also has a Sham mode intended for research applications when placebo stimulation and blinding the patient are required.


Technical data

tDCS Mode:

Type of current: DC
Type of tDCS montage: conventional bipolar (anode, cathode)

Current intensity range: 0.1-3.0 mA (0.1 mA per step)
Stimulation time: 1-45 min (1 min per step)
Pause time: 1-60 min (1 min per step)
Total stimulation cycles: 1-10
Ramp up/down time: 10-30 s (1 s per step)

Modes: REAL, SHAM (with ramp up/down)
Continuous impedance monitoring: yes
Accessories: cable set, carbon rubber electrodes, sponge
pads, rubber headstrap (biocompatibility tested)

Rebox Mode:

Amplitude range: 0-21 V

Electric current range: 0-200 uA (DC)

Pulse frequency: 2-4 kHz
For details and accessories, see Rebox-Physio 4 specifications.


Battery type: integrated Li-Ion 3.6V/3200mAh

Power adapter: 
IN: (100 to 240)V AC; 0.2A (max); 50/60 Hz, OUT: 5V DC; 3A(max); 15W(max)

Power consumption (battery/adapter): 0.6VA/11VA
IP classification: IP54

Dimensions: 19x14x5cm

Weight: 0.8 kg including accessories

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