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"Continous searching for new therapeutic approaches is essential for modern medicine."

M. Slovak, MD, PhD


REBOX THERAPY Ltd., residing in Prague, Czech Republic, is a manufacturer and distributor of the original Rebox electrotherapeutic devices. 

Our company has a stable position in the medical device market. Since 1990s, the Rebox devices have been exported worldwide (Europe, Asia, Australia).

We focus on individual approach to all clients by providing certified trainings, seminars and online meetings to achieve the best quality of Rebox treatment. Our quality management is in compliance with ISO 13485:2016.

Our Vision

We believe that continuous searching for new ways to influence electrochemical microenvironment of the tissues is essential for progress in modern medicine. 

Petr Slovak´s electrotechnical education and passion for biological research led to his invention of the Rebox method in 1980. Since then, we keep on developing the Rebox electrotherapy and every satisfied client is a motivation for further progress.

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